I rested on my laurels for way too long!

I was an early adapter of a website. I already had my first site to promote my musical activities in 1997! Frankly, it wasn't any more difficult then than today to put one together, purely technologically speaking. Of course, templates are a lot more snazzy today, and customs have changed. I was so proud I had a website. None of my friends had one. But then I rested on my laurels and didn't develop the habit of updating it in a timely manner. And the more time that went by, the more overwhelming it was to do, so it got pushed further down the to-do list till it was no longer an issue of updating but completely overhauling it. Then the barrier became even higher. Then more and more excuses piled up... I need new publicity photos... I need more video to embed... etc...etc...

Anyhow, finally it's time to change all of that, so here goes... The launch of the latest edition.


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